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Personal and Feminine Hygiene While Winter Camping

*This post is for both males and females to read!

Picture this: It’s a cold March day in interior Alaska, I’m wearing underwear, long underwear, soft shells, and gore-tex bibs under my harness which is not only acting as the base for a skimpy skirt of runners, biners, prussiks, and the like, but is also attaching me to 3 other people… all of whom are male. We are traversing on a glacier, it’s open, white, sparkling, tree-less terrain as far as the eye can see, one of my favorite landscapes to spend time in. And then, suddenly, I begin to feel the urge. Damn it. I have to pee.

I knew this moment would inevitably come. “Stay well hydrated”, they said. “It’s the best way to keep your body at homeostasis”, they said. Well, I’ve been forcing myself to drink water (though it’s one of the last things I want to do when it’s cold out and I’m on a structure of frozen water) and here I am, attached to three other people in the most exposed environment possible. Great. My mind starts to think. Ho…

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